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7 Beauty Tips For Looking Younger

Ever since Eve took that first bite of the apple, the human race has been obessed with beauty.

The truth is we begin the aging process just as soon as we pop out of the womb. Every day of our lives our bodies slough off and regenerate new cells. The speed at which that process takes place when we are children is vastly different as we get older.

Every day you are bombarded daily with commercial messages and beauty tips that attempt to lure you into believing that the most recent miracle drug is just what you need to fight off the ravages of Mother Nature.

We are living longer as a whole. Singularly, that can be a curse or a blessing, depending on your perspective.
The best route to natural beauty and healthy skin is to take care of what you have. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? The truth is that your skin takes a beating from the environment every single day. Here are some of our favorite beauty tips for keeping your skin fresh and healthy:

1: Stay hydrated and do it with plenty of water! That does not mean soda, caffeine or any other type of liquid, even if it is low cal. Soda (even diet soda) has a high concentration of sodium. Sodium retains fluids. You need fluid that will hydrate and flush your body free of toxins. Make sure you are drinking at least 8 glasses a day!

2: Protect your skin from harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. We all love the sun. We love being in it and we love having a beautiful tan. The truth is you can poison yourself with too much sunshine. UV rays cause skin cancer and if that isn’t bad enough it causes your skin to age faster than it should, contributing to unsightly wrinkles. If you must play in the sun, make certain you are using an adequate sun screen. Don’t leave home without it!

3: Keep your skin clean. Use a soft warm cloth. Skin does not require scrubbing. You will do more harm than good if you do.

4: The best cure for wrinkles is to never have them in the first place! If you are like most of us, you didn’t listen to your Mom when she tried to tell you to stay in the shade, stand up straight and stop squinting!

5: Eat healthy. Knowing how and what to eat, can make a huge difference in how you feel. Improper eating habits can cause depression, weight gain, illness and an overall lethargy.

Weight gain causes your skin to stretch. As you get older, it loses it's elasticity and you're left with sagging skin.
The best solution to this is to maintain a proper weight.

A rule of thumb for eating habits are...don't eat more calories than you consume. Don't go one single day without doing something extra and physical for at least 30 minutes per day. This can be three ten minute walks. Or 30 minutes of vigorous aerobics, or 12 minutes of weight lifting and 18 minutes of walking.

6: Don't worry, be happy. A happy outlook appears to trigger the release of endorphins. Endorphins relax the cardiovascular system and cytokines which alert the immune system to pay attention in detecting abnormalities like cancer cells. Listen carefully to yourself. If you have put yourself down since childhood, over a lifetime, negative subliminal messages can take their toll by turning you into a pessimist. Spend one week writing down the phrases you use in your “self talk.” Chances are you will find that you repeat a dozen or so phrases over and over again that reinforce that negative image. If you know about them, you can change them. Outer beauty and inner joy go hand in hand.

Here are a few quick tips for increasing joy, hope and optimism that will work no matter what your age:

Make a list of at least 50 great things that happen to you every day.

Laugh a lot. You’ll heal your body and your mind.

Discover a new challenge each month.

Try meditating for just five minutes each day.

7: Sex After 50 – Ha! How many of you jumped ahead to this section?

The importance of physical intimacy actually depends on the couple. An alarming number of men used to give up on sex after 60 and many women used to feel that their sex life ended with menopause. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

Sex at middle age can actually become better and more satisfying than ever before. Maturity gives a couple more experience in lovemaking. The children are usually grown and left home. The pressures of building a career and day to day life are usually less stressful than in younger years.

Is beauty really skin deep?

The answer is yes and no. It’s a paradox, isn’t it? True beauty begins from the inside out. Don’t you wish there was some way to “wriggle your nose” and regain that soft skin you had as a child? Well, until someone comes up with the true “Fountain of Youth” we are stuck with what we have.

Just remember that getting older doesn't have to mean getting old.

Jill Miller is the founder of the Fit4Life Club. Discover the timeless secrets of everlasting youth and beauty. Go here to find out how. Timeless Beauty Tips

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Toners for beauty tips

So what is Toners really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about Toners--info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and Toners experts is time. If you'll invest a little more time in reading, you'll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to Toners.

Toners are a lotion or chemical based cosmetic solution that is used for the purpose of cleaning skin and for contracting the pores of the skin to minimize or prevent the eruption of pimples and acne. Pimples and acne are two pestering skin problems that affect young men and women, especially the teenagers. Even the mature people face this problem; but generally it is a skin problem to which the young people are vulnerable. Toners are used by people all over the world to reduce the above said skin troubles.

Toners clean your skin from grime, dust and cellular debris. Toners alike fresheners and astringents helps in balancing the pH balance of your skin texture. The toner should be used after thorough cleansing of the skin; toners are said to have an astringent effect. It helps in:
Closing of skin pores,
Tightening of the skin texture
Removing toxins that enter your skin pores due to environment pollution
In the market of cosmetic world there are several reputed brands that produce and manufacture toners. Some of the reputed brands are Lakme, Revlon and Maybelline. Toners can be segregated into ayurvedic and non-ayurvedic toners. Ayurvedic toners come from reputed brands like Naturoma, Lotus and Herby. Usually the herbs that are used in toners are:
Witch Hazel
Aloe Vera
Essential Oils and tea solution or extracts acts as good toners for your skin. Rose water is also a good alternative as a skin toner for any type of skin. You can naturally make rose-water or go in for a market rose water product.

There are certain things to keep in mind while using herbs in a toner. Witch hazel is prone to drying up the skin; so it should be followed by the application of moisturizers like honey and Vitamin E.

The beauty therapists suggest the use of toners as one of the important tips for skin care. You can have a flawless complexion and can keep your skin glowing and beautiful if you regularly use toners. Toners are the best possible way to get rid of the unwanted pimple marks and acne. The ideal way to apply toner is by dabbing it with a cotton ball; by the use of vaporizer you can spray it onto your face.

Toners are a vital part of daily skin care for people. If you are a working person you should follow a strict skin care routine to prevent damage incurred from air and dust pollution. Make your skin spotless and rejuvenate your skin health with the use of toners.

Now that wasn't hard at all, was it? And you've earned a wealth of knowledge, just from taking some time to study an expert's word on Toners.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Beauty Tips for Men

In today's world, it seems that almost any topic is open for debate. While I was gathering facts for this article on Beauty Tips for Men, I was quite surprised to find some of the issues I thought were settled are actually still being openly discussed.

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom on Beauty Tips for Men that changes everything.

It is a wrong idea that beauty is the domain of women only. Men have the right to look good and feel good. From ancient Egypt to classical India, men have adorned and embellished themselves to enhance their looks. Nice grooming and care can enhance the looks of men. Beauty tips for men will help men to enhance their appearances and inner beauty. Men from the ancient age have been taking good care of their body and looks. Glamorous men with beautiful women crowd the pages of classics and history throughout the world.

Metrosexual or Retrosexual, men can improve their looks with the best beauty tips for men.

To enhance the looks of men, below are some beauty tips for male:

* Cleansing is the first step of beauty regimen for men. Even rugged look cannot afford dirt and spots on your face. Use good quality cleansers to keep your skin in good condition. Apply toner and moisturizer after cleansing to keep your skin smooth and flawless.
* If the skin tone of a man is not even, then don’t stand out with all the imperfections. Apply a little make-up to conceal the imperfection. Apply a little foundation on your face to make the skin tone even and to cover blemishes. First use oil-free moisturizer on your face to make your make-up long lasting.
* If you are slogging day and night your face is bound to look tired and haggard. If you are not having proper sleep and dark patches have appeared under your eyes, then apply concealer with a brush under your eyes to hide your tiredness.
* Your well-defined face will enhance your appearance. To make your face well-defined you have to resort to a little make-up. Highlight the positive features of your face with pinky-brown shade and stand out in the crowd.
* If balding is your problem, then go for short haircut. Style your hair keeping with the modish look. This will help you look fashionable.

The day will come when you can use something you read about here to have a beneficial impact. Then you'll be glad you took the time to learn more about Beauty Tips for Men.